An affirmation of beauty.

The main reason behind the popularity of hair-styling is that it could highlight all the strengths of your face. In fact, a nice hairstyle could make you look spectacular, in minimal makeup and simple clothes even. However, everyone is not lucky enough to have long and strong hair throughout their lives. Some social people drop their natural hair because of age factor or after procedures like chemotherapy.‘Combining a medication eluting balloon with the features of the proved treatment benefits of a non compliant balloon is normally a logical next thing,’ stated Ronald Horvers, Blue Medical's CFO and CTO. Therefore reducing on the main one hands procedural costs and post procedural medicine requirements and at the same time raising procedure efficiency, basic safety and patients' comfort. Furthermore to these advantages the efficiency, profile and versatility of a standard workhorse PTCA balloon are preserved, making these devices easy to utilize.’ ‘This fresh non compliant DEB completes the coronary medication eluting products of Blue Medical’, stated Noel Coopmans, CEO.