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Dr. Li’s current experiments involve selective HAP1 deletions from neurons in animal versions, and his results are sure to offer relevant clues to the mechanisms behind Huntington’s disease. Says Dr. Li, If we can discover the pathogenesis for Huntington’s disease, or if we know the way the mutant huntingtin affects the transporting inside cells, maybe then we can discover some effective treatment to avoid this sort of defect.CDC Sees Spike in Mumps Outbreak The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is looking at a mumps outbreak among Orthodox Jews in New York and New Jersey that has now surpassed 1,500 cases and shows no sign of ending soon. In November, the spike was called by the CDC in mumps cases, ‘the largest U.S. Mumps outbreak since 2006, when the United States experienced a resurgence of mumps with 6,584 reported cases.’ Then, only 179 individuals were sickened in New York and New Jersey. The outbreak started last summer season at a males camp in the Catskills.