Breast cancer study displays radiation cuts recurrence.

Breast cancer study displays radiation cuts recurrence, ups survival Does radiation really benefit breast cancer patients? New research shows that ladies who receive radiation after going through lumpectomy live longer and so are less likely to experience a recurrence of tumor follow this site . PICTURES: 25 breast tumor myths busted Experts analyzed the results of several studies involving nearly 11,000 breast cancer patients who experienced undergone ‘breast-conserving’ surgery and discovered that post-operative radiation decreased the risk for recurrence over the next decade from 35 % to 19 %.

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The procedure was authorized in Germany recently, which means that it is legal across the EU. But clinicians will need to wait until medical trials end in early 2008 before they are able to recommend the procedure to their patients.. Breast enlargements in just over an hour! Women in the UK could be getting breasts enlargements in their lunch time as soon as 2008, reviews Lisa Melton in Chemistry & Market, the magazine of the Society of Chemical Sector. A Californian biotech company, Cytori Therapeutics, programs to roll out a programme that will see their fast-track process introduced across European countries by early next 12 months. Excess fat is taken using a minor liposuction method under regional anesthetic from a patient’s buttocks or tummy.