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The study was part of an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship Task in which in-depth interviews were conducted with 26 information workers from large organisations across different industry groups over three years. The research task coincided with the rise of online culture in the last three years: specifically social networking sites such as for example Facebook and Twitter. Dr Gregg says until now many people have considered these platforms to be part of people’s leisure procedures that they engage with in their time off. ‘But also for workers in a variety of office careers, it’s become area of the work. And largely this has happened without any discussion at the place of work about implications for workload,’ Dr Gregg says.A lot of money for cooling therapy trial for kids with brain injuries An investment of $11.5 million has been made into a medical trial to look at a therapy for children with brain accidents. The trial will check the potency of induced hypothermia as a therapy for human brain swelling in children who’ve suffered severe traumatic human brain injuries. The money provides been awarded to 12 centers in the U.S. The five-yr trial expects to sign up a complete of 340 kids up to age 16, and has been funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, an element of the National Institutes of Wellness.