Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic, JumpStart Ventures invest $500,000 in SironRX Therapeutics JumpStart Ventures, the non-profit that invests in and companions with innovative, early-stage companies in Northeast Ohio, and Cleveland Clinic, announced a combined investment commitment of $500,000 in SironRX Therapeutics, Inc. The Cleveland-based firm is creating a topical therapy to enhance healing of and decrease scar formation in wounds. SironRX’s lead medication, JVS-100, consists of an engineered version of a normally occurring molecular aspect called Stromal cell-Derived Factor-1 that promotes tissue repair .

Former professional soccer players, in particular, are at increased risk for neurological disease. The goal of this scheduled program is to recognize potential problems – – physical, cognitive or neurological – – earlier, which may lead to earlier treatments and interventions. For players who elect to become listed on The Trust, they will get an examination where their complete health background shall be taken. This includes their injury history, functional symptoms and personal concerns. Brain scans including a functional MRI, cognitive evaluations, emotional interviews, balance assessments, cardiovascular evaluations, prostate screening, nutrition counseling and life abilities consultations will be completed. Patients may also receive brief and long-term treatment programs tailored to their requirements and will have access to continued care.