Effective ways to fight back against the continued genetic annihilation of the food supply.

Proactive approach – Sign up for the ‘Occupy Monsanto’ movement this September If you’ve ever considered what may be some practical, effective ways to fight back against the continued genetic annihilation of the food supply, now could be your chance to join an exciting, decentralized movement in defense of meals freedom www.metformin-hydrochloride.net . On September 17 Beginning, 2012, and enduring for one week, Occupy Monsanto, a global, grassroots effort fighting back against the corporate takeover of agriculture, can be contacting health freedom advocates around the world to stage mass protests at the many worldwide facilities possessed by the Monsanto company. You can gain access to a full set of the places of Monsanto’s facilities around the world at: For far too long, Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, and the other major biotechnology players have already been pulling a fast a single on the American people.

Calorie Control Council: Research displaying association between diet soda, stroke risk is flawed Study is drawing an evergrowing body of criticism and skepticism from experts in the field of diet and scienceThe Calorie Control Council stated today that analysis findings presented during a poster session in the International Stroke Conference claiming a link between diet soft drink consumption and increased risk of stroke and heart attack are critically flawed. ‘The findings are therefore speculative and preliminary at this point that they must be considered with extreme caution.