Manage their symptoms lire la description.

An occupational therapist-led approach gets people with osteoarthritis moving Physical activity is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle – and especially for people who have osteoarthritis as exercise helps maintain good joint health, manage their symptoms, and stop functional decline lire la description . Osteoarthritis, nevertheless, makes physical activity often, such as exercise, and performing daily activities even, a problem. But an occupational therapist-led approach – called activity technique training – could provide individuals with knee and hip osteoarthritis the chance to lead more vigorous lives and even improve their overall health, according to a fresh study led by researchers at the University of Michigan Health Program.


An irregularly pigmented lesion on the chest Lentiginous naevi in older people may have atypical dermoscopic features and may require biopsy to exclude transition to melanoma. Case presentation Over a 12-month period, a 75-year-old guy developed an irregular pigmented lesion, measuring 4 mm in diameter, on his anterior chest. Dermoscopy revealed an asymmetrical lesion with an irregular light dark brown to darkish network and a black homogeneous region with dark globules. Excision biopsy demonstrated an epidermis with a well formed pigmented rete ridge system containing improved melanocytes and isolated nests. The higher dermis demonstrated focal lymphocytic inflammation and pigment deposits.