Artimplant reports net income of SEK 9.

Artimplant reports net income of SEK 9.7 million .The web loss totaled SEK 9 acción de las bacterias .0 million . Earnings per stock device amounted to SEK -0.08 . The total result was suffering from one-off items amounting to -0.9 million . Artimplant’s own sales as a proportion of total sales continued to improve and accounted for 72 percent of revenue. THE BUSINESS has revised its cash flow target and the aim now is that a positive cash flow before changes in operating capital will be achieved monthly during the first one fourth of 2012 . Second one fourth Net revenue amounted to SEK 4.3 million .The net loss totaled SEK 5.2 million . Earnings per stock unit amounted to SEK -0.04 .

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