It seems theres an app for that.

He says the angel traders and additional contributors to apps make even more risky has than regular stock investors because their wagers don’t include liquidity. Cuban produced his comments throughout a complete week when the NADAQ index hit 5,000 for the very first time since 2000. He said he will not see a bubble in public areas companies currently. ‘I don’t believe there reaches all,’ he stated. In his post cited by CNBC, Cuban said times now will vary than they were through the dot com bust and boom. ‘Student loans shouldn’t be forgiven’ ‘In the past the companies everyone was buying were public companies. They could have already been horrible companies, but being open public meant that traders had liquidity to market their shares,’ he wrote, adding on Closing Bell that today’s apps are simply like the internet sites back the dot com period.Related StoriesNew WHO guidelines advise lowering sugars intakeReducing premature deaths from noncommunicable illnesses: an interview with Dr Shanthi Mendis, WHOSugar intake and tooth decay: an interview with Professor Nigel PittsBiomonitoring offers a ‘snapshot’ of the substances present in your body at a one point in time, but it cannot explain where a detected substance came from, when the exposure occurred, or whether you will have any health effects. For those good reasons, the Chemistry Sector Association of Canada believes there must be a risk-based procedure for interpreting biomonitoring outcomes, and for using such data for regulatory purposes or additional decision-making.