Breakthrough for dengue vaccine development By Helen Albert.

Out of 3673 children who completed follow-up , 134 became contaminated with dengue through the 25-month period. The efficacy of the vaccine against all strains was 30.2 percent overall and 34.9 percent after at least one injection . Nevertheless, the reduced overall efficacy could generally become accounted for by the level of resistance of stress 2 to the vaccine, as an efficacy was experienced because of it of 61.2 percent, 81.9 percent, and 90.0 percent against strains 1, 3, and 4 after at least one injection. No significant undesireable effects linked to the vaccine were noticed and it appeared to be well-tolerated general. As no vaccine is present to take care of dengue virus infection presently, these results are significant, state the authors.It may orally be studied. Home remedies for kidney stones Coconut water – Consumption of coconut water frequently assists in removal of little contaminants of kidney stones which get dissolved in the urine from the body. Also it brings relief from burning urination and the nagging problem of inadequate urine. Onions and glucose – Taking an apt amount of decoction of onions and sugar frequently also helps in obtaining kidney stones removed naturally. Fruits – You may also consume fresh fruits including grapes, water melon, fresh ripe apples and pomegranate to alleviate the pain connected with kidney stones.