Pursuing expiration of the excess acceptance period.

Among the things on the agenda would be the acceptance of a domination and income transfer contract between Schering AG and Bayer. In light of almost all stockholding accomplished, the Schering business will right now be contained in Bayer’s economic reporting. For this good reason, publication of Bayer’s interim reviews for the next and third quarters of 2006 will become deferred until August 29 and November 27, respectively.. Bayer’s takeover give for Schering AG complete Bayer’s public takeover give for Schering AG provides been completed. Pursuing expiration of the excess acceptance period, Bayer today provides control of 92.In the patients of glaucoma who consist visual field defects and a type or kind of progress, regardless of the pressure IOP reduces by 30 percent which stay connected with loss of eyesight. There are more strategies are however to come for managing independent eye pressure especially. Glaucoma treatment continues to be under study and so experts have less opinion on the same. This fundamentally includes increased blood flow in the worried optic nerve and tenders a number of neuroprotection ways.