Cognitive remediation might benefit youth with psychosis By Mark Cowen.

Related StoriesAristada extended release injection approved to treat adults with schizophreniaIon channel blockers demonstrate useful in malignancy therapyReduced conflict-related brain activity associated with higher risk for psychosis Given the preliminary character of these encouraging results, future study on bigger samples is required to confirm the reported improvements, say the experts. The team studied 32 adolescents with or at high risk for psychosis who were assigned to the CACR program or a control group . Individuals in the CACR plan participated in two 45-minute sessions weekly designed to improve attention, concentration, memory, visuospatial, visuomotor, and conceptualization abilities.Teams on the ground will ensure that every single youngster is vaccinated, by moving from home to house, in cities, towns, and villages, and in hard to attain areas, using all transport means feasible, such as camels, horses and donkeys. Vaccinators have been trained and sensitized to make sure that there is no discrimination in immunization between those children living in poor or rich neighborhoods, as the virus does not distinguish between poor and wealthy. The complicated operating and unstable conditions, exacerbated by recurrent drought and floods in Somalia and heavy rains in Ethiopia, continue to hamper the implementation of high-quality polio immunization campaigns.