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Antiviral therapy can reduce risk of liver cancer in patients with chronic hepatitis B infection Probably the most severe problems of hepatitis B may be the advancement of liver cancer, which is in charge of approximately 745, 000 deaths worldwide each year http://sildenafiluk.org/take-liquid-viagra-for-better-and-faster-action . Two new studies appearing in the June issue of Gastroenterology provide solid proof that antiviral therapy can reduce the risk of liver tumor in sufferers with chronic hepatitis B illness. Gastroenterology is the established journal of the American Gastroenterological Association. In the initial paper,1 researchers from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan showed that the licensed oral antiviral agent nucleoside resulted in a reduced long-term risk for liver cancers in a big, nationwide cohort of chronic hepatitis B patients.

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What this means, the authors notice, is that acyclovir could be a great model for creating future HIV remedies, but also could be a risky medication if directed at HSV patients co-infected with HIV by potentially promoting cross-resistance to current treatments.. Anti-herpes drug acyclovir inhibits HIV replication, but with a cost The anti-herpes drug acyclovir can also directly decelerate HIV infection by targeting the reverse transcriptase enzyme, researchers report in this week’s JBC. This beneficial effect though does pose a risk, as HIV-contaminated cells treated with acyclovir promote the emergence of multi-drug resistant HIV variants.