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However, this must be seen as a starting point when compared to a destination rather. A dual approach will be needed to sustain and expand this progress into the future. Second, ongoing research is needed to improve our current ways of prevention, early detection, and treatment. .. Cancer declines for first-time in United States The overall incidence of cancer and death due to cancer dropped for the very first time in women and men in the United States, according to a written report published in the November 25 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Every year the American Cancers Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Tumor Institute, and the UNITED STATES Association of Central Tumor Registries provide a survey on current cancer tendencies in the usa.Combinations of low levels of antibiotics and large metals such as copper, silver and arsenic play a substantial role in developing harmful, resistant bacteria Conducted by Swedish scientists, the study examined how low concentrations of single antibiotics and heavy metals, or combinations of the substances, can go for for plasmids that carry level of resistance to both antibiotics and heavy metals like silver, arsenic and copper. These plasmids comprising genes that bring a resistance to antibiotics can be ‘enriched by suprisingly low concentrations of antibiotics and weighty metals,’ the analysis found. Researchers say this phenomenon supports the suspicion that antibiotic residues and weighty metals that are present in the environment are contributing to ‘problems of level of resistance.’ Plasmids have become resistant to not only antibiotics, but also biocides and weighty metals.