Just 36 % of most health care workers are immunized against influenza every year.

ACP encourages institutions to establish an annual influenza vaccination system, educate staff and doctors about flu vaccination, evaluate vaccination reasons and rates for nonparticipation in the immunization program at the unit level, and implement enhancements to the scheduled plan to increase participation. ACP’s influenza vaccination policy exempts health care employees if a medical contraindication to influenza immunization is present, a religious objection to immunization exists, or the best declination is signed by the ongoing health care worker.This means is probably a good idea to stop smoking now, stop using chemical substance fragrance laundry detergents, end using cheap personal care products, stop taking medications that suppress immunity, and prevent eating foods that contain immune-suppressing chemicals, additives and preservatives. The stronger your disease fighting capability, the better your potential for survival if an Ebola outbreak happens near you. This is wisdom the CDC will never publicly encourage.