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CDC: More US moms are breast-feeding but general rates still low Nap Nanny baby recliners recalled by main retailers after gov’t complaint Researchers viewed 1,472 SIDS situations and 4,679 baby handles from five published data models from the U.K., Europe, Asia and Australia. They determined that 88 % of SIDS deaths while bed posting would not had occurred if the parents didn’t rest in the same bed as the newborn. Even for low-risk breast-fed infants who had no various other risk factors that passed away from SIDS, 81 % of the deaths of infants below 90 days of age might have been prevented if indeed they were put into their own bed. In 22.2 % of cases, one mother or father or both parents were sleeping in the same bed as the kid during death.Gastrointestinal stromal tumours participate in a kind of cancer referred to as soft cells sarcomas, and even though they are rare fairly, there are usually at least 8000 fresh cases in Europe every whole year. In a single trial, led by Professor Eric Van Cutsem, at the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium, and Professor Axel Grothey at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA, experts assessed the result of regorafenib on sufferers with bowel cancer that was progressing after the sufferers had received all obtainable standard therapies . The trial individuals were monitored for 16 months following the trial began, and the researchers discovered that overall, sufferers who received regorafenib acquired a standard survival of the average of 6.4 months, in comparison to 5.0 months for individuals who received placebo.