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Kids and senior adults are in greatest risk. Statistics prove that working smoke alarms conserve lives. Smoke cigarettes alarms alert a person to the presence of fire and smoke cigarettes in the early critical occasions when escape can be done. Operation Save-A-Life is plan of the American Crimson Cross of Greater Cleveland, in partnership with the town of Cleveland Fire Department, that provides free smoke alarms and batteries to people within the higher Cleveland community. The Red Cross functions in partnership with the Cleveland Fire Section which installs the smoke alarms into homes.You will discover his daily wellness blog at and his radio and content show archives at.

British man had to cheat to access to HIV treatment A British man is taking legal action over access to a HIV treatment. ‘Robert’ says a therapy referred to as PEP, post-publicity prophylaxis, is not widely available and has not been well publicised and he is seeking a judicial overview of government policy. If the procedure is given soon after exposure to HIV Apparently, it can slice the chances of infection dramatically. Although campaigners say it is not widely available, the Department of Wellness has rejected such statements and say information regarding PEP and recommendations have already been issued recommending the therapy was available to all in want.