Also in global health news: Libya meals shortage.

Searching at screening results and techniques from three treatment centers in areas with high levels of TB among immigrants, the researchers suggested that the current guidelines for TB screening were lacking 71 % of situations of latent TB, which may prove costly to treat if they develop into an active form of the disease, according to New Scientist. The experts said a new, expanded policy would price little to put into action and recommended it would actually save money, because it might cost a lot more to deal with instances of full-blown TB arising from latent attacks and examining everyone those people have been in contact with, the news service writes. However, the group hasn’t yet carried out a full cost analysis to verify that extra screening is normally cheaper in the long run, New Scientist adds .Watson will fund the development of a second-generation vaginal progesterone product as part of a thorough life-cycle management strategy. Columbia will retain certain assets and rights to its progesterone business, including all rights necessary to perform its obligations under its contract with Merck Serono S.A. The Watson Deal is likely to close within three business times.

CVS/pharmacy to supply H1N1 flu vaccinations at select store places in Rhode Island CVS/pharmacy announced today that it will provide H1N1 flu vaccinations in select store places in Rhode Island by the end of this week. The vaccine shall be available to all Rhode Islanders who want to be vaccinated while supplies last.