SUBSTANCE ABUSE Up At Colleges Substance abuse on university campuses is nothing at all new.

If they get this to a priority they are able to do something positive about it, stated Joseph Califano, president and chairman of the guts, who among other actions called on schools and the NCAA to avoid allowing alcohol marketing during high-profile events just like the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The report, thursday released, relies largely on analysis which has already appeared in a variety of forms, but assembles it to emphasize results particular to university students. Among the highlights: The proportion of learners who drink and binge drink has transformed small since 1993. But there were substantial boosts in the amount of college students who binge drink often , who drink 10 or even more times a month, and who get drunk 3 or even more times in a complete month., proudly announced today that it was issued a patent from the U.S. Patent Office. The patent, U.S. Patent #7 7,945,520 entitled System and Method for Secure and/or Interactive Dissemination of Details, provides the ability for associating message quite happy with a media component, such as for example an advertisement, sending the message to a designated recipient, and presenting the mass media content only after the unwrapping of the message by using biometric authentication. The issued patent adds an innovative dimension to online advertising and marketing, allowing advertisers to encrypt unique communications inside electronic pictures or wrappers such as online ads, photographs or artwork, video files, instant communications, and MP3 data files.