Elizabeth Warren: Our Nation Was Never ‘R poor ‘Headlights reporter – Born Again

Elizabeth Warren said on Monday she was not born with dark skin and wanted to change that.

“I am totally unapologetic about my dark skin, ” the 91-year-old independent senator told the Christian Science Monitor. “The way we look in our endemic community is not a reflection of who we are as a people. ”

Warren’s comments came on the same day a CNN reporter asked her about President Donald Trump’s questionable medical claims. Trump, who has yet to undergo any skin tests for COVID-19, says he is healthy and is unaware of when he last had his biopsy.

“I was never born with dark skin. I have ever been born with dark skin, ” Warren told CNN. “I do not want to target people that have dark skin. ”

In a tweet responding to the apparent contradiction, Trump alluded to an interview with Time magazine in which he said he “never got dark brown skin. ”

“I can’t even believe this man is telling the truth, ” said the Republican presidential candidate. “I don’t know how much of a lie this is!” (the word “fake” originally appeared on Trump’s speech in English while his native tongue fluently transformed it to French)Warren says she wants to bring about change.

She adds, “Very few women really start to be independent enough to say I am going to stop my race and do everything to stop it. Nice to know they’ve heard your call. ”

The United Nations is attempting to grow children with 25 million projected oocytes, the equivalent of 1. 7 billion adult cells, on a scale to improve the nutritional outlook for Africa.

Warren is not the first candidate to claim dark skin.

A new survey, released by the UN estimates that there are some 6. 7 million African women, just 4. 7% have dark skin. That compares to 21 million Latinos and 6. 8% of the overall African population.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and her husband, Tejash Chopra, too, have said they had dark skin.

Warren and Chopra have faced intense criticism for appearing in films promoting a supposedly healthy lifestyle.

Last year, a British medical journal called “Dark Skin Asian to India” described their looks and asked readers to rate their dark skin.

Another Indian TV star, Neha Patil, has said she has dark skin, but her father died of a mysterious illness and she doesn’t know why.

Her family says she either had bad skin or had not been treated based on a visit to a cosmetics store in a Delhi suburb.

“I hope this will not happen. There has to be something about me now that people know that this is not OK, ” a video posted online by her father went viral on Twitter with more than 2 million views.