Alongside substances like the pesticide engine and DDT exhaust.

Cellular phone precautions you should take In the wake of a World Health Organization record that now lists cell phones in a ‘probably carcinogenic’ category, alongside substances like the pesticide engine and DDT exhaust, you may be a bit alarmed. Experts state cellphones are possibly carcinogenic But what does the report actually indicate? On ‘The Early Show,’ CBS Information Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said it reveals there are more unanswered questions than true answers about cell phone use online . She explained the organization is erring privately of caution just. Special Section: Dr. Jennifer Ashton Dr. Jennifer Ashton on Twitter ‘They’re saying. ‘We simply don’t know, so we are going to be overly cautious,” she said. Continue reading

Cancer-causing PCBs continue steadily to contaminate our meals and our bodies.

Pollutants accumulate in certain foodsUnfortunately, PCBs are extremely resistant to destruction, meaning that the majority of the PCBs ever produced still exist today. This, along with their tendency to accumulate in living tissue , classifies them as persistent organic pollutants. They harm the human immune, reproductive and nervous systems, along with mimicking and disrupting the actions of hormones in the body and causing cancer. The new study was conducted by researchers from the University of Granada, the University of Granada Hospital, the Andalusian College of Public Health, CIBER in Epidemiology and General public Health, the Granada Cancer Register and Denmark’s Bispebjerd University Medical center. The researchers analyzed the PCB-153 levels in your body fat of 368 adults, then adopted them for nine years. Continue reading

Heart rate and cardiac output in women having elective delivery by cesarean section.

Assumption that uterine bloodstream redistributed into maternal circulation after delivery challenged Within an examination comparing the effects of two drugs on blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and cardiac output in women having elective delivery by cesarean section, a vintage assumption that uterine blood is redistributed in to the maternal circulation after delivery was challenged, in the September problem of Anesthesiology according to a report. Little is well known about changes to the mother's hemodynamics following delivery by cesarean section, said Leiv Arne Rosseland, M.D., Ph.D., professor, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medication, University of Oslo and Department of Anesthesiology, Division of Critical and Emergencies Care, Oslo University Medical center, Norway. Continue reading

One in five adults possess at least mild sleep apnea Approximately.

Alternative intraoral appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea AZ-TMJ is once again leading the way in innovative and effective remedies for patients with obstructive rest apnea over the counter viagra . One in five adults possess at least mild sleep apnea Approximately, and one in 15 are categorized as moderate rest apnea sufferers. Sleep apnea is a disorder where a person’s ability to breathe can be impaired, resulting in a restless sleep and oftentimes snoring. Unlike simple snoring, OSA could be potentially life-threatening, requiring medical assistance. Continue reading

Is a trigger for concern.

The Australian Medical Association says at every hospital there was a similar tale and there are simply just not enough beds to cope with Victoria’s growing population.. Children suffering because of repeated delays in heart operations Reports that the number of children in Victoria on waiting around lists for heart functions is increasing, is a trigger for concern. This month by itself it has been reported that thirty operations have already been cancelled at the Royal Children’s Medical center in Melbourne due to staff shortages. Continue reading

Say researchers.

High degrees of this molecule are connected with an increased threat of cardiovascular disease. It’s been suggested that providing B-vitamin supplements could help regulate degrees of homocysteine, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and death thereby. But based on the researchers, there is no scientific basis for this claim. The review included eight trials including a total of 24,210 people. None of the eight trials individually supported the essential proven fact that giving B-vitamin products could prevent coronary disease. Together the data show that B-vitamin products, whether compared with placebos or standard care, have no effect on the incidence of heart attack, death or stroke connected with heart disease. Prescription of these supplements can’t be justified, unless fresh evidence from large top quality trials alters our conclusions. Continue reading