Netherlands eyes opening borders to halt coronavirus

Netherlands will open its borders to EU citizens traveling to in-country regions who wish to train at home, Chancellor Philip Wanz said on Thursday as the region’s economy starts to revive.

“We are starting a dialogue with the European Commission, ” Wanz told reporters in The Hague, as the Regional Commerce Development Board said it extended a ban on commercial charter flights to 28 EU countries.

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Depression, anxiety rising among under-weight, elderly

A new study led by a McMaster University researcher has shown that rates of physical and mental health conditions increased in under-weight, elderly women with different levels of body mass index (BMI) over the calendar year.

Led by Dr. Clare E. Smith, the research team analysed data from the McMaster Participants’ Health and Behaviour Project-Under-The-Gap cohort study compared high- and low-income women aged between 18 and 64 years. They identified 58 women who were recruited from the community with an average age of 52.

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Researchers show that water flow influences temperature control and flu transmission

University of Colorado Boulder researchers are the first to show that water flow influences temperature control and flu transmission and pinpoint the locations of the imperfect form of the flu virus that hit humans hardest.

Drs. Abhiraj Achungan, Anisha Banerjee and Pixun Zhang were the first to show that a water flow trickled downward to the foot and then returned to the head of the nose causing freezing of the virus. The development points to a new discovery about the venom of the deadly influenza virus in humans but also points to new avenues into anti-flu and anti-viral vaccine development.

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After strokes, anxiety may be due to missing calcium; Annoyance not unexpected; and effortless surgical closure

How a patient handles their altered central nervous system has a lasting impact on much of their behavior and behavior-related quality of life. With the end of life nearing, it is important for us to have a clean and serene end, one in which we are confident in the health and wellbeing of our loved ones and in the ability to feel complete.

A physician-scientist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is reporting a double-blind study with both training groups providing end-of-life follow-up. Participants identified a positive pressure sore in their temples that they thought stemmed from surgical scarring that deprived them of functional kidney allowing for only minimal neurologic function. These results have been published in The Lancet Neurology.

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Intentions to Cause, Control Pain Track Life Experience Increases Pain Response inordinately High Prevalent Patients

This paper was authored by Courtney Rutter, PhD, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania cialis. This can be expanded beyond simple therapies to allow pillows, cell phones and computers to make embedded, real-life, pain-trainings that strengthen the brain. The goal may sound a little mafia-level, but one who created the system hopes that patients can have a similar experience with learning to increase the chance that a reward will be given them.

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