Antipsychotic drugs get FDA label changes The U.

Antipsychotic drugs get FDA label changes The U .S. Meals and Medication Administration today exercised its brand-new authority under the Food and Medication Administration Amendments Take action of 2007 to require manufacturers of regular antipsychotic drugs to make safety-related adjustments to prescribing information, or labeling, to warn about an increased risk of death linked to the off-label usage of these drugs to treat behavioral problems in the elderly with dementia. In 2005, the FDA announced identical labeling changes for atypical antipsychotic drugs. At that right period, Boxed Warnings, the FDA’s strongest, had been added. The Boxed Warning will now be added to a mature class of drugs referred to as typical antipsychotics. Continue reading

Referred to as cocooning.

CDC, doctors press unproven vaccine ‘cocooning‘ scheme hatched from pseudoscientific quackery The latest vaccine scam being peddled about the public by All of us health authorities involves vaccinating parents and family members against certain infectious diseases in order to supposedly prevent transmission of these diseases to babies that are too youthful to get vaccinated themselves. However, the practice, referred to as ‘cocooning,’ has admittedly never been scientifically proven to work in the first place, and in every honest terms is nothing more than unsubstantiated quackery. Continue reading

CINJ urologic oncology chief completes 1.

CINJ urologic oncology chief completes 1,000th robotic prostatectomy at RWJUH Marking a major milestone in what has turned into a fast-growing standard of care in prostate cancer surgery, the principle of urologic oncology in The Malignancy Institute of New Jersey has completed his 1,000th robotic prostatectomy at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital , the Flagship Hospital of The Cancer Institute of NJ, which is a Middle of Excellence of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wooden Johnson Medical Classes . Continue reading

S College of Medicine has received a almost $1 million grant from The Leona M lire ici.

Case Western Reserve University receives grant to research on glucose-responsive insulin Case Western Reserve University's College of Medicine has received a almost $1 million grant from The Leona M. And Harry B lire ici . Helmsley Charitable Trust's Type 1 diabetes program. The three-season award will support analysis on a rapid-acting, glucose-responsive insulin by biochemistry professor Michael A. Weiss, MD, PhD, MBA, an internationally recognized innovator in insulin research for nearly a quarter century. Weiss will lead work on a kind of insulin that detects when levels of the sugar-storing hormone could be too much or low, reducing the chance of hypoglycemia in diabetes patients. Continue reading

Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic, JumpStart Ventures invest $500,000 in SironRX Therapeutics JumpStart Ventures, the non-profit that invests in and companions with innovative, early-stage companies in Northeast Ohio, and Cleveland Clinic, announced a combined investment commitment of $500,000 in SironRX Therapeutics, Inc. The Cleveland-based firm is creating a topical therapy to enhance healing of and decrease scar formation in wounds. SironRX’s lead medication, JVS-100, consists of an engineered version of a normally occurring molecular aspect called Stromal cell-Derived Factor-1 that promotes tissue repair . Continue reading

The scholarly study can provide important clues to the origin of jawed vertebrates.

The scholarly study can provide important clues to the origin of jawed vertebrates, and thus ultimately our own evolution . Ptomacanthus anglicus was an extremely early jawed fish that lived in the Devonian period some 410 million years back. It represents a kind of fossil fish known as an acanthodian which is normally characterized by a relatively shark-like appearance and sharpened spines along the leading edges of all fins . This band of early jawed fishes may reveal a great deal about the origin of jawed vertebrates . Continue reading

Careless practices takes a heavy toll on American lives.

Careless practices takes a heavy toll on American lives, says President of SAVE THE PATIENT The next is a statement by Lenore Janecek, President, SAVE THE PATIENT: Is anyone hearing? As this debate rages on about medical reform, patient safety organizations, those folks at the front each and every day, we do not hear about what is going on to the folks from the senseless health care devastation throughout our nation right now single dose . Two million people in the U.S. Passed away needlessly previously a decade from preventable medical mistake and 200,000 more folks will die this season unnecessarily because fifty % of the medical community will not be cleaning their hands, or their devices, or taking out catheters, or working on the right body part, or offering the right medications, or infecting the individuals with germs they have brought from hospital clothes worn out in the streets. Continue reading

With some viewing their circumstances deteriorate and being admitted to medical center even.

Chemist+Druggist study reveals deteriorated circumstances of patients because of medicine shortages Medicine shortages have gone patients distressed extremely, with some viewing their circumstances deteriorate and being admitted to medical center even, a Chemist+Druggist survey has found reviews about Malegra . Greater than 150 community pharmacies that responded, almost a third said patients had already suffered because the pharmacy had had difficulty sourcing a medicine. Pharmacists have reported developing difficulty finding key drugs throughout 2009. Continue reading

Are you allergic to your iPad?

Recent reviews in medical journals detail nickel allergies from a number of personal electronic gadgets, including laptops and cellphones. Nonetheless it was an Apple iPad that caused an itchy body rash within an 11-year-old boy recently treated at a NORTH PARK medical center, according to a written report in Monday’s Pediatrics. Nickel rashes aren’t life-threatening however they can be quite uncomfortable, and they may need treatment with steroids and antibiotics if your skin eruptions become infected, stated Dr. Sharon Jacob, a dermatologist at Rady Children’s Medical center, where the boy was treated. Continue reading