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Deaths from the most common pancreatic cancer, cirrhosis, stillbirths unknown. They’ve spiked

Pancreatic cancer deaths are on the rise in the United States – and sometimes in the Nordic countries – a trend that may be partly due to a growing population, according to a significant study that followed Swedish women in their mid-60s.

Swedish women – who tend to have more the time to select good health care, such as health care for children – tend to die at a younger age than men. The study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden appears in the journal Diabetes Care Today.

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AI for cancer care is fast becoming a reality

The promise of intelligent machines taking care of patients’ cancer is getting closer and closer in North America.

Take Justine Adolinx-Centiard’s case, a Canadian woman who had ovarian cancer. In 2024 just 23 percent of women would die with ovarian cancer following conventional treatments. With advances in technology like the advent of IP68S, 90 percent of women might not die in the same way, say UNC School of Medicine researcher and Aalto National Fisherman of the Year winners.

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Sablishing Treatments to Combat Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer mortality among the youth. Acute sun damage due to long-term exposure to the sun’s maximum ultraviolet radiation (UV) makes skin vulnerable to scarring and progressively growth of skin cancers. In fact, skin cancers are considered the most common cancer in Brazil. Unfortunately, current innovative treatments for skin cancer, like phototherapy and oiliness therapy, are often of limited therapeutic efficacy and potentially poor acceptability. In the current limitations of effective therapeutics, such innovative drugs may become promising alternative agents for combating soon to be established yet to-be-identified critical drug targets for malignant skin cancers.

Although it has been known for decades that skin cancers are often resistant to phototherapy and its associated lipid-rich topical treatments, the mechanism responsible for phototherapy-induced resistance in skin cancer remained unclear even up to this time.

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Insurance company rewrite clinical trials in favor of dinosaur model

The creation of a freestanding 5, 000-person clinical trial library in California adds to efforts by Bayer AG to cut costs, move clinical trials outside of hospitals and speed up the design of vaccines.

Beyond those obvious benefits, the creation of a separate, 3, 000-person clinical trial library in Tasmania, Australia, is one of the first examples of a new trial library being housed in a shipping container.

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Taiwan seeks damages from Iran, other neighbors as epidemic mounts in Asia

Taiwan has appealed to businesses and unions to voice their concerns about the impact of this month’s outbreak of the new coronavirus in China and other countries, saying they would be willing to share losses with affected countries.

On Sunday, Taiwan reported four new cases, bringing the death toll to 24. It confirmed five incidents in the past 24 hours, marking the highest daily death toll since the beginning of the outbreak on March 30.

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