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Based on the conversion of Paul

In the Bible, Saul persecuted Christ’s church and its followers. Overcome parallels this story. Set in modern day, Colton (a high school student) mistreats anyone good around him, until he has a fateful accident which changes his life. Now he must make amends to all those around him, and try to become the person he knew he should have been the whole time.

Edwin Carpenter from The Dove Foundation says “This is a must-see family film of redemption! Powerful and definitely worth viewing!” Isaac Hernandez from TBN Network Programming says, “This film does a great job of taking a nearly 2000 year old story and making it relevant to today’s generation!”

Belle and the Beast: A Christian Romance

The classic fairytale is retold . . . . Eric is a man shrouded in mystery. Throughout the land he is known as the “Beast” for his mean ways. But when Belle is forced to work for him, she resolves to look deeper. Will Belle unlock his heart and discover the truth behind the “Beast”?

An inspiring, Christian story of faith, forgiveness, change, and love!

The Book and the Rose

Winner of 27 awards and based on a short story by Max Lucado.

When John Barnes finds an old book filled with intriguing hand-written notes, he begins a correspondence with the book’s previous owner–and it promises to be more than just an exchange of letters.

Same River Twice

“Same River Twice is doggedly wholesome. Precisely one of those family friendly films that people say they will rush to see….” –Houston Chronicle.

Kurt, Stan, Mikey, Skinner and Buck, spent their days battling dangerous rapids. It was the perfect summer, until a rafting accident claimed Buck’s life.

Years later, the friends and their families return to the river for one last whitewater ride. But they find things aren’t exactly how they remember. Life’s experiences have changed the four friends, who no longer are the daredevils they once were. They must pull together to survive the deadly rapids!

About Brothers

Featuring Freedom on the Water and The Wrong Brother.

These two heart-warming films show the importance of brotherhood, forgiveness and the triumph of the human spirit. Freedom on the Water shows how two brothers must overcome their differences after tragedy strikes one of them. The Wrong Brother is a charming look at the fictional brother of the Wright Brothers, who strives to stand out and prove he’s just as smart as his brothers.

In His Service

Featuring In Time of Need, The Good Samaritan,and The Last Good War.

These three films demonstrate helping one another in acts of kindness and selflessness. By giving up prejudices and lending a hand to others, goodness is passed around to all. These films are sure to win your heart.

Faithful Women of the Bible

Featuring The Touch, Sisters of Bethany, and Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath.

Three women, in the most desperate of times, show their faith in God as they overcome trials. Based on three biblical stories: The woman with the issue of blood, the sisters of Lazarus, and the widow of Zarephath.